Landscape photogallery
(the only English part of my personal site at this time)

    As an amount of foreign visits to this site, linkings and questions grew up, I decided to make an English version of the photogallery. All of presented photos and texts are mine and depict some outdoor places or details from Czech Republic (except for "Far lands" section, of course). Many of them are minor landmarks, which may not seem to be important after all but could offer an interesting view on some region. Sometimes it was also not possible to include more facts, details or even location to protect such places from being devastated - either by too many visitors or by paranoid authorities.

    Some of local names have their English version behind them in brackets and italics. These translations are just attempts to represent the "feeling" of the name and cannot be considered exact or official. Names with no such translations behind them have usually no apparent meaning today, names that have codified well-known translations (Prague, for example) are usually  represented by this translation.

    Thumbnail descripitons are provided by both "alt" and "title" atributes. If some characters are not displayed well, try to set some Central European coding (ISO 8859-2, Windows-1250, UTF-8) manually. These pages were growing organically using various software and workstations and I have not checked everything. Also, if you find a 404 or stumble upon a Czech text when expecting English one, please report it. But I hope there are none.

Jan Pohunek 


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